Susannah Koteen

Lido Restaurant

Susannah Koteen began waiting tables and bartending at fifteen years old and she has been working in the hospitality industry ever since. After college she moved to Manhattan’s Harlem neighborhood, where she was hired by neighborhood developers, Artimus Construction. They asked her to open a café in what was at that time a raw space. This is where Susannah discovered her love of building and running a business. After opening and managing the café for three years she moved on to event planning.

As and event planner Susannah worked with parties from 15 to 1,500 on events as varied as non profit galas to Broadway opening night celebrations. She managed every aspect of events from guest lists to venue selection, from entertainment, to staff and logistics. In 2002 she began working for chef and socialite Serena Bass, running her catering company. In 2006 she became a catering manager at Manhattan’s iconic Rainbow Room.

In 2011 Susannah combined her love of food and hospitality with her entrepreneurial spirit, and Lido Restaurant was born. Lido is now in its seventh successful year, and is a corner stone of the Harlem community. Harlem has a special significance for Susannah as both her parents and grandparents lived in the neighborhood. This is one of the reasons why she not only lives and owns a business in Harlem but is active in the community and serves as co-president of community organization, Frederick Douglass Blvd Alliance.



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