Bill Bonbrest

Tao Group

Bill is a seasoned hospitality industry executive with over 30 years of industry experience. He has been involved with the TAO Group for over five years and is responsible for leadership development of the senior management team.

As COO, Bill is the gatekeeper of the Guest Experience and the groups' profitability. He is responsible for the adherence to all standards and acts as the steward of the TAO Group culture. Bill's focus is on operational excellence, incremental improvement of profitability and the continued development of the senior management team.

Prior to joining the TAO Group, Bill was a managing partner in the Carmine's restaurant group and came up through the ranks in management at The '21' Club and Elio's restaurant. Bill studied art and literature at Bennington College from 1979-1981 and completed the Executive Training Program at Cornell University in 1991.

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