Commercial Rent Tax Reform Hearing

Due to inclement weather, this hearing has been rescheduled for Monday, February 13th. Contact The Alliance for more information -

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

January 19, 2017

We're incredibly happy to inform you that the City Council's Committee on Finance has scheduled a public hearing on proposed legislation we've advocated for to reform the Commercial Rent Tax...


...that many small businesses in Manhattan unfairly pay! This public hearing is the next procedural step in (hopefully) getting a bill passed to alleviate the Commercial Rent Tax for many of our members. Representatives of the NYC Hospitality Alliance will testify in support of eliminating this financial burden on our members.

CALL TO ACTION: The City Council also needs to hear from those impacted by the Commercial Rent Tax. They need to hear the financial burdens it poses on you. They need to hear that if you did NOT pay this regressive tax it would help you further invest in your business, invest in your employees, and run a more successful business. DO YOU WANT TO TESTIFY? If you want to testify at the hearing that is scheduled for Thursday, February 9th at 1:00pm, contact our executive director, Andrew Rigie at



Last year, the NYC Hospitality Alliance & Manhattan Chamber of Commerce co-authored an OP-ED in the NY Daily News about Commercial Rent Tax reform.  Read it to learn more " The tax that's killing Manhattan businesses."


Int 0799-2105 - testifying at the public hearing is an important way to support Commercial Rent Tax reform in general and address specific provisions of the proposal, which The Alliance will do.  Please contact for details and comments/questions. 


We'd like to thank our partners in the business community for advocating alongside us on this important issue AND a BIG thanks to NYC Council Member Dan Garodnick for sponsoring this legislation, Council Member (Committee on Finance Chair) Julissa Ferreras-Copeland for holding the upcoming hearing and all the other Council Members and people supporting and involved with Commercial Rent Tax reform. 

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