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Hospitality Technology Roundtable

Discuss recent technology trends in the hospitality industry, exchange ideas with fellow industry professionals, and hear from experts.


July 26, 2017

9:00am - 10:00am

Fox Rothschild LLP
101 Park Avenue, 17th Floor, Room 17A,
New York, NY 10017



*Due to limited space, this event is only open to owners and executive management-level employees who purchase, oversee or manage technology systems for NYC restaurants, nightlife venues or hotels. 

Technology continues to change and enhance the operation of hospitality industry! That’s why the NYC Hospitality Alliance is thrilled to host monthly roundtable meetings for owners and executive management who oversee technology systems to join together to discuss the technology they use, best practices, overcoming challenges, provide resources and hear from experts. All while curating a community of like-minded people.

Join us for our monthly Hospitality Technology Roundtable!

  • Discuss recent technology trends in the hospitality industry and how they impact the day-to-day operations.
  • Exchange ideas and experiences on how to best utilize and implement technology solutions available to hospitality businesses.
  • Meet fellow industry professionals who oversee and/or manage technology systems at their restaurants/nightlife venues/hotels.

"OMG! I love being a member! As a small business owner, I'm involved in all decisions affecting my operations. What I love about The Alliance is that this organization gives me access to the same experts and resources the major players have been utilizing for decades."

- Melba Wilson, Melba's Restaurant

"As CEO of Carmine's and Virgil's, and a member of The Alliance, I can personally attest to the significant ROI that we have received from our Alliance membership dues."

- Jeffrey Bank, Carmine's & Virgil's Real BBQ

"The Hospitality Helpline is by far my favorite benefit. When I reach out with a question, The Alliance team always responds right away with the information I need."

- Sally Chironis, Sally Chironis

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