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The ABC Law

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know or need to know about the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law

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October 23, 2018

3:00pm - 5:00pm

Citrin Cooperman
529 Fifth Avenue,
New York, NY 10017


Few topics cause more consternation for members of the hospitality industry than alcohol regulation. There often seems like there are more questions than available answers. Can a liquor license be sold? What are Community Board stipulations? Is there a value in leaving a tenant with a liquor license in place? Do I have to file anything if I bring on investors? What are the 200 and 500-foot laws anyway?

Robert and Max Bookman of the law firm of Pesetsky & Bookman are making themselves available to offer a crash course on all your basic alcohol questions. They are experienced liquor license attorneys, and their firm has over thirty years' experience advising hospitality businesses on alcohol-related issues.
Special Guest: 
Vincent Bradley, Chairman of the NYS Liquor Authority 
Robert and Max Bookman, Pesetsky & Bookman PC. 

This event is ideal for:

  • Current hospitality business owners and managers
  • Future hospitality business owners
  • Building owners
  • Real estate brokers
  • Attorneys who handle sales or purchase of businesses with liquor licenses


Getting a new liquor license:

  • Leases and contingencies
  • Who gets disclosed
  • Community Boards
  • 200’ and 500’ laws
  • Sidewalk Cafes

Changing an existing liquor license:

  • Taking on new investors, buying out old partners
  • “Transferring” the license to new tenants
  • Purchasing a business with an existing liquor license
  • Revising CB stipulations

Following the enforcement rules:

  • NYPD-Hospitality Alliance best practices guide
  • Three-tier law and alcohol brand sponsorships
  • What to do when there’s a fight
  • Common mistakes: Conforming with all conditions of the license, security, and “the sangria problem”

Bonus topics: 

  • Renewing your license on time and what happens if you don’t
  • Partnering with promoters
  • Alcohol delivery and to-go



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