Government Affairs

Plastic Straw Ban

The NYC Hospitality Alliance supports the proposed plastic straw ban after nearly 85% of restaurateurs who responded to our survey voiced support for the proposed law. Of the remaining respondents, a small percentage had no opinion. Others supported the concept but opposed the ban at this time because they aren’t familiar with suitable compostable options. Less than 10% of respondents outright oppose the ban, mostly citing the increased costs of compostable straws as the reason.  As an alternative, restaurants, and bars would need to offer customers compostable plant-based or paper straws, or not provide straws.

We are sensitive to these concerns and believe there is a growing market of compostable straw options that will continue to improve in quality, and that market forces will push the price down further if the buying power of New York City restaurants and bars is unleashed. Should this plastic straw ban advance, we’re committed to working with manufacturers and distributors to ensure our members have access to high-quality compostable straw options at the lowest prices.

We’re proud our members support sensible efforts that will help sustain our environment.

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