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Proposed Garbage Overhaul

Last week, our executive director was on NY1's Inside City Hall discussing the impact that a proposal to overhaul NYC's commercial garbage system would have on restaurants and nightlife establishments. Currently, there is a free market system that allows businesses to work with any commercial garbage company they choose.


Over the past two years, we've worked with a diverse group of stakeholders on the Department of Sanitation's advisory board, which resulted in the release of a proposal that would split the city into zones. Contracts would then be issued to 3-5 garbage companies to service businesses in each zone. The purpose of this zone system is to reduce truck congestion on city streets, reduce pollution, and address safety issues. While stakeholders have different concerns with this proposal, (and some support another bill to address these issues) it appears to allow for a system with multiple garbage company options. This would ensure customer service standards and a rate cap, which would generally protect the interests of our members. 


However, after the announcement of the Department of Sanitation's proposal, a member of the City Council announced their own proposal which would create an exclusive, monopoly zone system serviced by only one garbage company. The NYC Hospitality Alliance believes the monopoly zone system is unacceptable, especially for restaurants and nightlife establishments because of their liquor licenses, sidewalk cafés and community board relationships.


Click here to watch our executive director Andrew Rigie explain why.
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Andrew Rigie on NY1

NY1 Inside City Hall
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