11pm Curfew for Restaurants, Bars, Caterers

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

Beginning today, the 11:00pm Covid-19 curfew for casinos, movie theaters, bowling alleys, billiards halls, gyms and fitness centers will be lifted.

To the frustration of restaurants and bars, the 11:00pm curfew will remain in effect, as will the 12:00am curfew for catered events. 
The NYC Hospitality Alliance has advocated to lift the curfew for our industry too as it poses operational and financial challenges, and among other issues, it encourages customers to leave our highly regulated establishments when we are forced to close and continue their evening inside unregulated apartments and other spaces where safety precautions are not taken.   
Today, the Governor’s office stated that the curfew for restaurants, bars and catered events will be evaluated later this month. We will keep you updated.

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