20 Policy Ideas for 2020

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

The New York City Hospitality Alliance presents: 20 Policy Ideas for 2020, NYC Hospitality Industry Edition.

With 24,000+ restaurants and nightlife establishments, the NYC hospitality industry employs more than a quarter of a million people. This industry is vital to the economic footprint and social fabric of New York. It creates an entry point into the workforce, provides upward mobility, and offers careers to people of diverse backgrounds. Our restaurants and nightlife are a driving factor of why people want to live, work and visit New York City.

Hospitality businesses, however, are facing perilous times. In an industry that is known for its low margins, high failure rates, government overregulation, intense market forces and tough competition, these small businesses are under intense financial and operational pressure. We must work collectively to address the plight of small businesses and vacant storefronts in New York City. As we enter this new decade, we need a comprehensive plan to support the hospitality industry and reverse these negative trends. This is why the New York City Hospitality Alliance presents: 20 Policy Ideas for 2020, NYC Hospitality Industry Edition.

Using the link below, you will find a menu of 20 progressive policy ideas that will support our neighborhoods' restaurants and nightlife venues and the people they employ. This menu is segmented by: New York City & New York State, New York City, and New York State respectively. Let's work together to keep New York City the hospitality capital of the world, and the city that never sleeps!
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20 Policy Ideas for 2020

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