Admin Fee Letter Makes Headlines

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

May 3, 2018

Last week hundreds of restaurateurs signed a letter to Mayor de Blasio urging him to allow restaurants the option of using a clearly disclosed administrative fee on menus.

The letter was blown up to nearly seven feet tall and hand-delivered to City Hall. Then the media blitz started and more than a dozen newspapers, T.V. and radio stations covered the story.  

On Monday we tweeted at the host of T.V. show Inside City Hall, encouraging him to ask Mayor de Blasio about the letter and surcharge. He did. We were astonished by the Mayor's response. 

Many of you have asked how to contact Mayor de Blasio and his leadership team. Here's how to contact them ASAP. Below is an email template you can use or you may draft your own: 

Example message:  

Subject: Admin Fee - Help My Restaurant 

 Mr. Mayor, I operate [Enter Restaurant Name - multi-unit operators should send an email from each business] in New York City that employs [Enter Number] New Yorkers. I've been waiting two years, and I need you to approve the optional restaurant menu surcharge now to help my business and employees. It's allowed everywhere else around New York State and around the country. The only thing preventing it here in NYC is a 40+ year-old Consumer Affairs regulation that is out of date in today's marketplace. I was troubled and disheartened by your response to a question about this issue during your appearance on Inside City Hall. I urge you to give this matter the time and attention it deserves and support my business. Thank you.

Send the email to:;;;;

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