Air Conditioning Law & Food Donations

The Alliance's Testimony of Support

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

April 26, 2017

The Alliance testified at the hearing in support of amending the A/C & Open Storefront law on April 24th. In addition, to submitting testimony in support of the online food donation portal on April 26th.

Amending the A/C Law

The Alliance testified in support of an amendment to a law that had an unintended consequence, which prohibits restaurants with enclosed sidewalk cafes, or restaurants with "French Doors" or the like from being open while their air conditioning is on (the law does not apply to open-air features connecting to unenclosed sidewalk cafes). Such windows and doors are designed and built often at significant cost to the business. These features also provide diners with a desired, semi-al fresco dining experience during the spring and summer months, they add charm and character to our city's streetscape, and the open air feature attracts customers helping to generate necessary revenue for restaurants. Restaurants have provided workers with additional hours and even hired additional employees because of the extra business these open-air features generate during the warmer months. If this amendment is not passed asap it will hurt small business, workers and restaurant-goers.

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Online Food Donation Portal

The Alliance submitted testimony in support of legislation that will create an online food donation portal, which will help facilitate the donation of food to hungry New Yorkers.  The portal will be another tool helping to connect restaurants and other entities that have food to donate with local organizations and people who need it in a customized way and in real time. 

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