Alcohol Updates

By Pesetsky & Bookman

We have been, on behalf of the Alliance, working around the clock with all levels of government as this situation changes daily...sometimes multiple times in a day.

We are pleased to report some progress.

The State Liquor Authority and the Governor have approved the following temporary measures:

1 - On premises alcohol licensees will now be able to deliver alcohol (not just beer, which you can do now) as well as allow alcohol for take out. This is HUGE. There will be guidance later today from the SLA how this will work. Stay tuned.

2 - For those restaurants, bars, clubs that are closing, they are waiving the requirement for 90 days that you have to place your license in safekeeping. That is one less thing for you to deal with.

3 - You may receive credit and return any alcohol purchased since March 1st.

We are requesting much more than that, i.e., full right of return for any alcohol that is sealed regardless when purchased and for a refund, not just a credit. This is a work in progress.

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