Anti-Harassment & Discrimination Training

By The NYC Hospitality Alliance & Harri

The NYC Hospitality Alliance and Harri have partnered to develop an anti-harassment and discrimination training platform for restaurants and nightlife establishments to comply with the Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act.

The training curriculum has been developed in partnership with Fox Rothschild LLP.  

Effective April 2019, employers in NYC will have until Oct 2019 to conduct anti-harassment training for all their employees. Employees are then required to be trained annually thereafter, and employers must keep accurate records.

The platform will comply with New York State and City requirements. It will also exceed the minimum legal standards by covering discrimination laws, which are critical in fostering a safe work environment and reducing your business's liability.
·  Training Customized for the Hospitality Industry Workplace
·  Covers Unlawful Harassment and Discrimination
·  Helps Streamline Legal Compliance
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- Harri and the NYC Hospitality Alliance

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