COVID-19 Resources

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

The New York City Hospitality Alliance team is working around the clock to support and advocate for restaurants and nightlife establishments impacted by COVID-19. The following is a list of resources and vital information.

The Alliance has been inundated with questions, pleas for support and extraordinary ideas about how to support the NYC hospitality industry during this pandemic and economic disaster. We're reviewing hundreds of calls, messages, emails, texts and social media posts that we've received and are aggregating them as we develop and execute a comprehensive response and #RestaurantRescuePlan. We're working with countless public and private sector partners in an organized and efficient way amidst the chaos. There will be a long and painful road ahead of us, but we will persevere through this together. 

For a comprehensive list of COVID-19 Support and Relief Efforts available to hospitality operators and employees, please click here.

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NYC Hospitality Alliance Advocacy Efforts 

Employment Matters 

Loans + CARES Act

Rent & Other Establishment Expenses 

State Liquor Authority ( 


Storefronts Business Closures and Occupancy Reduction  

Additional Resources 



The NYC Hospitality Alliance is executing an aggressive public relations campaign ensuring that the restaurant and nightlife industry’s voice is represented and dominating the 24/7 news cycle. We will fight for you in the public sphere and in the halls of government. Our story, plight and needs are being told to the world. Visit our press page for non-stop news coverage of The Alliance advocating for our industry.

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