COVID-19 Support and Relief Efforts

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

COVID-19 Support and Relief Efforts for Operators and Employees

COVID-19 Support and Relief Efforts for Operators and Employees

In this time of challenge and uncertainty, The Alliance is grateful and encouraged by the numerous COVID-19 related support and relief efforts being provided to the hospitality industry. The following offers have been submitted to the NYC Hospitality Alliance, but please note that we have not verified their authenticity and terms and conditions. Please proceed at your discretion.



Organization: Harri USA LLC
Employment Opportunity
Platform for displaced workers to find alternate temporary roles:

Organization: PTFB tech corp
Resource: Employment Opportunity
Details: Northwell Health needs FOH/BOH foodservice employees. Also many housekeeping positions are available.



Organization: Facebook
Resource: Facebook Small Business Grants
Details: Small Businesses, Facebook is offering $100M in cash grants and ad credits for up to 30,000 eligible small businesses in over 30 countries. Information here:

Organization: Food Education Fund
Resource: Financial Aid
Details: Funding opportunities for restaurant owners and employees, as well as resource sharing. More information can be found here.

Organization: Hebrew Free Loan Society
Resource: Coronavirus Financial Impact Loan Program
Details: Individuals, Small Businesses, Zero Interest loans between $2,000-$5,000, repayment begins July 2020 and spread across 20 installments. More info here:

Organization: Hello Alice
Resource: Hello Alice Small Business Grant
Details: Small Business, Up to $50,000 in grant funding:

Organization: Prospect Heights Small Business Relief Fund
Resource: Donate Money
Details: Prospect Heights Small Business Relief Fund have started a solidarity fund to support small business owners and workers in the immediate neighborhood. To request aid, please use this form. 

Organization: SevenRooms
Free PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculator for Restaurants
Please use this link for the PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculator.

Organization: Small Business Services
Resource: Assistance & Guidance for Businesses Impacted Due to Novel Coronavirus
Details: SBS is providing information on financial aid for small businesses, and will be sending information regarding the new loan and grant program for impacted small businesses, including application links, in the coming days through their newsletter. More information can be found here:

Organization: Supply Drop Brooklyn
Resource: Funding to Restaurants for Meals
Details: We are funding NYC restaurants to provide healthy, nutritious meals to healthcare workers and others on the frontlines. Restaurants can sign up to receive funding for meals:


Organization: CORE: Children of Restaurant Employees
Resource: Financial Aid
Details: CORE is dedicated to serving food and beverage service employees with children, who are faced with life-altering circumstances and in need of our help.  As the world faces the biggest pandemic in our lifetime, CORE wants to continue to honor their mission by providing support to food and beverage service employees, with children, who have been medically diagnosed with COVID-19:

Organization: National Restaurant Association + Boston Beer
The Restaurant Employee Relief Fund (“Fund”) was created to help restaurant industry employees experiencing extraordinary hardship in the wake of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. Through this Fund, grants will be made to restaurant industry employees who have been impacted by COVID-19, including a decrease in wages or loss of employment. Grants will be awarded as soon as possible to those individuals who meet the prescribed eligibility criteria, as reviewed and verified by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF). This Fund is operated by the NRAEF, whose mission is to attract, empower and advance today’s and tomorrow’s restaurant and foodservice workers. More information here:

Organization: Robert Rauschenberg Foundation
Medical Emergency Grant for Artists
Artists, One-time grants of up to $5,000 for unexpected medical emergencies. More information here:

Organization: Southern Smoke Foundation
Resource: Financial Aid
Details: Southern Smoke Foundation provides funding to individuals in the food and beverage industry who are in crisis and prioritizes medical needs. Examples given are medical bills, car accidents, weather catastrophes, family support assistance, and mental health needs. You may apply here:

Organization: Summer Student Debt Advisors
Resource: Free Advising to Impacted Workers
Details: Summer is making their solution available to impacted workers at no charge - in addition to access to our tool, they can share student loan learning guides and provide access to their team of student loan advisors to help workers deal with this challenge.

Organization: USBG National Charity Foundation
Resource: Bartender Emergency Assistance Program
Details: The Foundation provides grants to qualified applicants who are in need of financial assistance, including the Bartender Emergency Assistance Program:



Organization: DonateNYC
Resource: Financial Aid, Large-Scale Durable Goods, and Food Donations 
Details: General information can be found here: Direct link to the DonateNYC Exchange here:

Organization: Donna Cocktail Club
Resource: Food Donations
Details: Providing free meals to impacted service industry workers from our take out window located at 27 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11249. Options include 2 tacos OR a quesadilla OR a burrito with your choice of filling: Chicken Pibil, Al Pastor, Marinated Shrimp, Chorizo Spiced Cauliflower (v), Corn & Poblano (v), or Steak. Please stop by and say "High Spirits" at the window.

Organization: Father’s Heart Ministries
Resource: Offering Meals and Groceries
Details: Offering a bagged breakfast and a bag of groceries that contains at least nine meals. Details can be found here:

Organization: FoodtoEat
Resource: Food Donations, Donate Money
Details: FoodtoEat has raised funds to be able to donate food though restaurant partners. Find more details here

Organization: NYC Food Supply Match
Resource: Food Supply Match
Details: Are you primarily a food producer, farmer, processor, distributor, or retailer? Are you facing challenges with your demand and/or supply of food? If you are a farmer, food producer, food processor, food distributor or food retailer with excess supply or if you have demand for certain food items you cannot meet, please fill out this form.

Organization: NYC Department of Education
Free Meals for All New Yorkers
The New York City Department of Education is committed to making three free meals available daily for any New Yorker. Any New Yorker who wants one can get three free meals a day at more than 400 Meal Hubs across the city. Locations and details may be found on the NYC Department of Education website and NYC Free Meals (independent map). 

Organization: Restaurant Workers Relief Program / LEE Initiative 
Resource: Food Donations
Details: Offering help for restaurant workers in need of food and supplies. Each night, they will pack hundreds of to-go dinners that people can come to pick up and take home. Dinners are offered on a first come first serve basis. Limit 1 per person unless there is an emergency situation. They will also have essential supplies on hand (limit per person) but they will be handed out free to those in need. They will continue to offer this program until they can no longer financially support the program. Details of the program:
- Dinner pick up address: Olmsted 659 Vanderbilt Ave Brooklyn, NY 11238
- This program will be offered 7 days a week until otherwise notified.
- Pick up time is 4:00pm to 7:00 daily

Organization: Rethink 
Resource: Restaurant Response Program 
Details: Rethink has set up a Restaurant Response Program to assist with food need and access during times of crisis.  If you are a NYC based restaurant - you are eligible for the program:



Organization: American Capital AMC Group
Resource: Pro Bono PPP Advice
Pro Bono advice for PPP applications and forgiveness planning. Advising businesses on the best use of funds for their particular situation: Alex McAloon ( More information can be found here:

Organization: Bronster LLP
Free Wills and Basic Estate Plans for Hospitality Operators
New York-based hospitality law firm, Bronster LLP, provides free wills to single NYC restaurant workers. Attorneys from Bronster LLP will meet virtually to provide free wills and basic estate plans at no cost from April 20, 2020 until June 30, 2020. All services subject to attorney availability and client participation. For more complex situations, the firm will provide the same services to qualifying restaurant workers, subject to the same conditions at a discounted rate. Please contact Michael J. Zacharias, Esq. at 347-246-4879 / or Alexandra C. Mink, Esq. at 347-246-4875 /

Organization: Empowered Hospitality 
Resource: HR Hotline
Details: We are offering free 30-minute calls to help restaurant operators in need of HR guidance. Schedule a call using this link. We have established a COVID-19 web page with key information:

Organization: Figure 8 Logistics
Resource: Food Delivery Consulting
Details: Providing full service food delivery consulting. Specific pro bono offer is a 30-minute consultation for restaurants with questions about building their delivery and takeout business.,

Organization: Helbraun & Levey LLP
Resource: General legal information for bars and restaurants. 
Details: You can subscribe to Helbraun & Levey's nightly newsletter to further assist you with your legal questions and concerns. 

Organization: Highcourt Downtown, LLC
Resource: Financial Analysis Hotline
Details: Any CFO or hospitality financial analysis help:

Organization: Hospitality Executives Leadership Panel
Resource: Provide Services Pro Bono, Consulting/Council/Resources
Details: Offering resources on current talent, grants, regulations, and ways to increase efficiency relating to coronavirus, as well as complimentary personalized consulting sessions for any hospitality small business that has been impacted by Covid-19.

Organization: The Law Offices of Jordi Fernandez
Resource: Pro Bono Law Advice
Details: The Law Offices of Jordi Fernandez represents commercial tenants in landlord/tenant. Offering pro bono advice about the expectations in landlord/tenant court. Cannot offer to represent restaurants/bars pro bono at this time, but can spend time on the phone with them giving them an idea of how it works so operators can plan for it:, Jordi Fernandez Law, P.C. Linkedln

Organization: National Restaurant Association
Resource: Additional Information
Details: See additional updates on COVID-19 and its impact on the restaurant industry on a national level on the National Restaurant Association's website

Organization: NYC Mental Health Professionals 
Pro-bono Remote Legal Clinic
New Yorkers can call the COVID-19 Emotional Support Hotline at 1-844-863-9314 for mental health counseling, providing for free by 6,000 NYC mental health professionals. 

Organization: NYC Small Business Services
Resource: Pro-bono Remote Legal Clinic for Small Businesses
Details: COVID-19 Small Business Remote Legal Clinic (the CV-19 Clinic) will offer pro bono legal consultations to help entrepreneurs in New York City determine the best path forward for their small businesses in these particularly challenging times. Request an appointment here.

Organization: Public Health Solutions
Health Insurance Assistance, SNAP Assistance

Organization: Seated + CohnReznick
Resource: Operator Help Hotline 
Details: Restaurant operators in need of advice can visit and submit a question. Seated is further offering a complimentary hour of individualized professional business advice via phone to any of its nearly 1,500 restaurant partners or any restaurant that may wish to become a Seated partner.

Organization: Umbrex
Resource: Provide Services Pro Bono
Details: Umbrex has over 100 management consultants who have volunteered to advise small businesses pro bono. Consultants are available to help restaurant owners navigate applications for loans or grants, or to provide other business advice:

Organization: United Energy Consultants
Resource: Energy Consulting 
Details: Anyone that needs help managing energy with deregulated suppliers or Con Edison (various utilities) please reach out.,



Organization: BentoBox
Resource: Gift Cards and Online Ordering
Details: BentoBox is offering a discounted COVID-19 offer for Gift Cards and Online Ordering with no commission fees as a standalone feature for restaurants (no need to purchase a website from them). This discounted COVID-19 cost includes: $79/month with low flat per order fee (can be passed onto customers) Standalone digital gift cards are $59/month. 

Organization: Bolt Mobility
Resource: Pro-Bono Services
Details: Now that e-scooters are legal in New York, we can offer our Bolt Chariot to restaurants so they can deliver meals throughout the boroughs. Bolt scooters have cargo capacity and a phone app interface that allows delivery workers to lock the scooter when they arrive at customers' buildings. With these tools, restaurants can rehire and repurpose employees while avoiding fees that delivery platforms charge:

Organization: Cheqout
Contactless Ordering
Cheqout essentially turns every customer’s phone into a personal kiosk that sends orders and payments to your existing system. 100% free contactless ordering & payments on premise for any restaurant. We'll also help lower your credit card processing rates to 1.8% flat. Learn more at: 

Organization: Curbie
Resource: Curbside Pickup Tool
Details: Free curbside pickup notification tool to help restaurants and small businesses know when customers arrive to pick up an order. Businesses can set this up here:

Resource: Online Ordering
Details: Across their network: Covering all delivery fees for any order over $10.00 through March 23, 2020 with promo code LOCALFIRST, encouraging users to donate their Delivery Points to one of our listed Charity at Checkout partners, matching ALL donations made through March 30, 2020, encouraging Contactless Delivery Existing Merchants on Reducing commission rates for ALL delivery and pick up orders to 10% through April 31, 2020
New Merchants to Waiving commission fees for the first $1,000 in sales for restaurants and merchants that sign up with from now until April 15, 2020. More details here.

Organization: Help Main Street
Resource: Gift Cards
Details: Helping local businesses by selling gift cards to provide critical cash support during the COVID-19 crisis. Submit your business here:

Organization: MustHaveMenus
Resource: Coronavirus messaging kit for restaurants, including takeout & delivery
Details: Messaging templates to help restaurants promote Takeout, Delivery, Pick-Up, Hours, Gift Certificates, Safety Measures and much more (not free, but discounted):

Organization: Revel
Resource: Pro Bono Services
Details: Revel will provide free memberships for its electric mopeds to a set number of employees of certain restaurants or businesses in the cities it serves to assist those businesses with meeting demand for food deliveries and continuing to operate during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The duration of the free memberships will be four weeks, which will be subject to change at any time by Revel. Revel is currently operating in Brooklyn, Queens, and Upper Manhattan:

Organization: SEVENROOMS
Resource: Online Ordering
Details: Digital ordering solution for commission-free pickup and delivery orders. Take orders via your website, social media, Google and email marketing without paying commission to third party delivery platforms. Platform is free for all restaurants for 90 days:

Organization: Spread
Online Ordering
If you are still open for delivery & takeout, Spread is offering to help promote it free of charge (no signup fees, no monthly fees, no order commissions). If you are a restaurant and wish to be included, please email me at More info can be found here:

Organization: Dining Bonds Initiative
Resource: Dining Bonds/Gift Cards
Details: The Dining Bonds Initiative is open to any restaurant/bar/eatery across the globe. Dining Bonds are described as gift certificates that are sold at a price lower than face value (how much lower is decided by each individual restaurant), but redeemable at face value upon dining at the restaurant. This is a nonpartisan effort. Information can be found here. Submit your restaurant here:

Organization: TidyMenu
Resource: Mobile Menus
Details:The TidyMenu app imports menu data and generates QR codes to be scanned when dining in at a restaurant. TidyMenu is mobile responsive, can be branded with the restaurant’s colors and logos, supports uploading photos for every item on the menu, allows for dietary filtering, and measures menu engagement at the item level. This is a free resource:

Organization: Toast
Resource: Gift Cards
Details: Visit to join Toast’s Rally for Restaurants, where patrons may purchase gift cards to your establishment. Toast Now is a one-stop-shop built to give restaurants the ability to quickly set up digital ordering channels like online ordering. There is no upfront cost, no POS purchase required (you don't need to be a Toast customer to use it), and no commission fees. Toast Now offers Online Ordering, Toast TakeOut and e-gift cards to restaurants during this time. This product is being offered with no upfront costs, three months free and no commission fees. Click here to learn more about Toast Now.

Organization: WhatToOrder
Free Online Ordering Platform 
If your restaurant is currently offering takeout or delivery, WhatToOrder provides an alternative way for you to be found right now, outside of searches on delivery apps, or review apps. Search results on WhatToOrder are sorted strictly by distance, rather than a complex algorithm, so all restaurants have a fair chance to be discovered. Please reach out to or visit our website if you are interested in learning more.

Organization: Yelp for Restaurants
Resource: Providing Services Pro Bono
Details: Yelp is offering $25 million in relief, primarily focused on supporting independent, local restaurant and nightlife businesses, in the form of waived advertising fees and free advertising, products, and services during this period. Email to get set up or learn more.



Organization: Coast
Resource: Provide Services Pro Bono 
Details: The purpose of Takeout COVID (a free public service where we welcome partners and collaborators) is to help food businesses get discovered as they are changing their operations to delivery and takeout for the crisis we are in.

Organization: Creatives for Kitchens
Pro-bono Design Work
Pro-bono offerings that are light and a la carte: Menus, website edits, flyers, social media copy, etc. If both the operator and creative are willing to collaborate on more time-intensive work, they may do so. More information here:

Organization: Deputy
Resource: Donate Product - Scheduling
Details: Deputy is offering 3 months free. Deputy supports American businesses & the people behind them. Deputy eases the pressure on managers and staff. Create schedules that match demand and budget, handle last-minute changes and ensure accurate pay. Learn more here:

Organization: Early Warning Food Service Solutions
Resource: Provide Services Pro Bono
Details: Cleaning and sanitizing, employee training free virtual NYC FPC course and ServSafe course:

Organization: Gravity Payments
Pro Bono Services 
Gravity Payments is offering services to help operators save money and set up the technology you need to weather the current crisis. 

Organization: Hospitality Booster
Resource: Pro Bono Services
Details: Hospitality Booster is a group of solution providers offering free access trials or advertising for you to see the effects they will have on your business and bottom line. By signing up, you’ll get access to each and every one — there is no catch. Once the trial period is over, you can sign up for the ones that truly helped transform your business and easily opt-out of those that weren’t the right fit for your business. More information here:

Organization: Hubba
Grocery Items for Restaurants
Hubba is offering restaurants assistance to add grocery and snack items to their take out and delivery menus, Hubba will offer Alliance members complimentary access to our dedicated team of account managers who can help guide restaurants in identifying and sourcing ready to eat packaged food and shelf-stable pantry essentials items that can help add to their bottom line. Alliance members are also eligible to take 30 percent off their first order with Hubba. Hubba offers net 60 payment terms to qualified buyers:

Organization: Hyr
Resource: Staffing App - Pro Bono Services
Details: Hyr can help with delivery associates, packers, order takers, BOH skills, or any other role you need support with.  We've eliminated all fees for independent businesses, and will not profit off shifts filled during this difficult time. We've also repurposed the app to allow non-profits to connect with volunteers. More information can be found here:

Organization: JitJatJo
#hirehospitality helps displaced hospitality workers get back to work so they can feed themselves, their families, and the community. More information can be found here:

Organization: Kangaroo 
Resource: Donate Product - Security
Details: Kangaroo has a program designed to provide security to small businesses impacted by COVID-19, free of charge. Small business owners can visit to receive a free security kit together with free service that includes professional-monitoring. There are no charges for small businesses who take advantage of the Kangaroo Small Business Initiative, other than a $80 security deposit fee, which will be reimbursed in full when the equipment is returned after 3 months.

Organization: Kitch
Resource: Kitchen Space 
Details: Kitchen owners and food operators are re-imagining what the future holds for their businesses. Kitch is here to help them start the process by finding commercial kitchen spaces for food business launching delivery only/production concepts:

Organization: LuckyDiem
Resource: Donate Product - Online Promotion
Details: LuckyDiem is Waiving Its Fees for 1 Month. LuckyDiem's platform automatically promotes merchants on over 1,500 websites and apps. Given the challenging consumer purchasing environment right now, LuckyDiem wants to be true to its mission of helping small businesses. We are introducing an economic stimulus package, where we are waiving all of our marketing fees for one month up to a maximum of $3,000 in transactions generated. Learn more here:

Organization: Mad
Resource: Reopening Marketing, PR & Operational Strategy
Details: Helping restaurants reimagine their service perspective and brand messaging in preparation for a successful reopening campaign with deferred payment options. Email to schedule a consultation.

Organization: Metro Fire Control
Resource: Provide Services Pro Bono
Details: Metro Fire Control is a licensed fire suppression company (for commercial kitchen "Ansul" systems, done semi-annually). They offer portable fire extinguishers inspections (done annually). Offering services (inspections) for free to members of the Alliance. The Fire Department is still handing out violations and we understand how difficult it is for restaurants and hospitality establishments in general to stay open during these painful and challenging times.

Organization: OpenTable
Resource: Pro Bono Services
Details: OpenTable creates varied content to help restaurateurs navigate a challenging new landscape. They share actionable insights informed by their extensive global data, regular consumer research, and industry partners. The must-see pieces—from the latest diner survey data and an industry webinar series to zero-budget marketing tips and free ebooks—now live in one place for easy access. These resources may be found here.

Organization: Opus Training
Resource: Free, NYC-specific COVID Training for Independent Restaurants
Details: Multilingual, NY-state compliant COVID training - delivered over text message. As part of reopening guidelines, all businesses included in Phase 1 through 4 of reopening are required to train all personnel on new

Organization: Typsy
Resource: Pro Bono Services
Details: Typsy is providing unlimited access to their online learning platform, with a library consisting of 650+ hospitality specific bite-sized videos, featuring some of the world's best hospitality professionals, including NYC's own Kate Edwards. Earn micro-credentials, complete quizzes, gain certificates and download helpful resources. You can also create and upload your own content on tasks, standardize operating procedures or processes specific to your venue or organization.  Nine (9) new COVID19 specific courses will begin releasing onto the platform in April / May 2020. More can be found here:

Organization: Wine Doggy Bag®
Wine-To-Go Bags, Take Home Wine Bags
Manhattan-based manufacturer of Wine Doggy Bags®.  A Wine Doggy Bag® is a clear, tamper-evident, one-time use bag that allows for the legal transport of an unfinished bottle of wine from a restaurant. So while the wine is in the bag it is a closed container. If the bag is tampered with then it is not legal to transport.  Wine Doggy Bags® meet or exceed all state laws for taking home partially consumed bottles or wine or full bottles of wine as the law now allows. Please contact David Beck at (800) 401-9014 or  / 

Organization: xtraCHEF
Resource: Free Trial
Details: xtraCHEF is offering a free 90-day trial of the full xtraCHEF platform, including AP Management, Recipe Management, and Inventory Management features:

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