De Blasio for President & 2 Wks Paid Vacation

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

Today Mayor Bill de Blasio announced he is running for president of the United States. His tagline has been "There's plenty of money in this city. It's just in the wrong hands,".

The Mayor's proposal to require that businesses give two-weeks paid vacation to all employees, on top of the one-week paid sick leave they're already mandated to give will surely be a focus of his presidential campaign platform. 
This will put national pressure on our already, very progressive City Council to pass this proposal into law. To add to that pressure, the proposal's main sponsor is the newly elected Public Advocate Jumaane Williams. De Blasio held the position of Public Advocate before being elected mayor, and the last person holding the position was Tish James, who was then elected the state's Attorney General.  Corey Johnson who announced he's mulling a run for mayor currently holds the role of City Council Speaker, a position that has great influence over what proposals are passed by the legislative body. Speaker Johnson has generally had a good relationship and shown support for the small businesses/hospitality community. 
These political dynamics make it critically important that the NYC hospitality industry's voice is amplified in the halls of government. If you're concerned about mandating two week's paid vacation now you must act. The NYC Hospitality Alliance can only do so much without you being engaged. If this proposal becoming law concerns you, you NEED to:
  1. Follow the instructions in the email below and contact your elected officials.
  2. You NEED to send a separate email from each of your NYC businesses by entering the zip codes of where each is located in the system below.   
  3. If you have partners, and other execs from your businesses that oppose this proposal too, they must also send emails to their elect officials using the system below.
  4. You NEED to forward this email to everyone you know who owns/operates a restaurant, bar or club in NYC and urge them to contact their elected officials using the system below.
  5. You need to do this by May 27th, which is a day before the proposal's public hearing at City Hall where the NYC Hospitality Alliance will testify. 
Our industry must be engaged and united if you want your voice to be heard! Tell your City Council members they need to stop with the relentless regulation of the hospitality industry and provide regulatory relief!


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