Delivery Cap Information. Check Your Bills.

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

Please check your bills to ensure your third-party delivery platforms are complying with this new law.

The rate cap on third-party delivery platforms we advocated for took effect on June 2nd. The fees may not exceed 5% for the transaction (inclusive of listing, marketing, credit card fees, etc) of an order, and an additional 15% if the third-party does the actual delivery. 
The City is monitoring third-party food delivery platforms for compliance.  If you believe you are being overcharged in violation of these laws, you can help the City's monitoring and enforcement efforts by emailing the following information to   and sending a copy to
(1) The name of your food service establishment.
(2) The third-party food delivery service that charged you fees.
(3) The amount of fees you have been charged, broken down by category, e.g., delivery fee, marketing fee, pick-up order fee, group order fee.
(4) Any communication dated June 2, 2020 or later from the service about what fees they are charging.
Please note that emailing the tip line will not result in a determination of whether you have been overcharged, but will be used by the city to ensure these critical laws result in industry-wide compliance.

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