E-bikes could become legal

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

April 4, 2018

Mayor de Blasio's administration proposes rule that would allow the use of pedal-assisted electric bikes.

Delivery is an important source of revenue for NYC restaurants and a quintessential service for New Yorkers.

Unfortunately, the use of pedal-assisted e-bikes that can help delivery workers get around town is illegal. Restaurants and their delivery workers can be fined and have their e-bikes confiscated for using them. This is a shame because pedal-assisted e-bikes provide the user an efficient and less grueling way to deliver food.

That’s why we’re happy to announce that Mayor de Blasio’s administration is in the process of changing their rules to allow their use in NYC, a move advocated for by the NYC Hospitality Alliance. Throttle e-bikes would still be prohibited under the proposal.

While the official proposal hasn’t been released, we support the concept and we’ll review it carefully to ensure it presents a welcome regulatory reform.

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