Food Delivery Workers

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

There has been news recently about the challenges food delivery workers face, particularly those who work for third-party companies and who are not employed by restaurants directly, especially during COVID-19.

One of their challenges is a policy implemented by some restaurants prohibiting them to use a restaurant's restroom. While we understand there may be different factors leading some businesses to implement such a policy, we urge you to review such policy, if you have one, and we strongly encourage you provide restroom access to third-party food delivery workers upon request.
When restaurants were shutdown earlier this year due to COVID-19, essential workers like food delivery workers helped many restaurants stay afloat and allowed food to be delivered to emergency workers and other New Yorkers, and they continue to do so, 24/7. As an industry, we should support essential food delivery workers by providing them courtesy access to our restaurants' restrooms, similar to how we would if we employed them directly.
As an important reminder, with respect to COVID-19, food delivery workers, who work for third-party companies, should be treated like any other guest/contractor who enters a restaurants' premises. This may require the restaurant to take the individual's temperature, record their contact information (first/last name, phone # and home address), and have them do a health screen (ask them if they are suffering from any COVID-related symptoms), before they enter the premise to use the restroom.
We greatly appreciate your consideration.

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