Grab N’ Go is Here to Stay

By Imperial Dade

Grab n' go snacks and meals are a hot trend in foodservice. From hotel lobbies to restaurant store-fronts, GNG merchandizers are popping up everywhere.

Today's on-the-go lifestyle has created an increase in demand for high-quality, fresh food that is convenient to purchase and portable.  Sandwiches and salads have always been a staple of GNG but the category has expanded to include more upscale and ethnic options like sushi and Mediterranean mezze combinations.

Implementing a successful GNG program takes careful planning and execution, however when done right it can be a good source of revenue and an opportunity to satisfy your customers’ needs. A key aspect is packaging which can make or break a GNG program.

Keep the following in mind when designing your program:

  • People eat with their eyes first. Make sure your food is presented in packaging that enhances the look of the product.
  • Use natural-color kraft packaging with windows or clear-lid packaging allowing customers to see what is inside.
  • For hot food, use anti-fog packaging.
  • Choose the correct size and shape package for each menu item.
  • Use stackable packaging that fits well within your merchandizing equipment.
  • Choose packaging that travels well and protects the food, ensuring a pleasant experience for the customer. Perform tests to determine the best options.
  • Use tamper-evident packaging with removable and re-sealable lids.
  • Choose sustainable packaging based on customer preferences and available disposal pathways. Include signage to explain which items are recyclable, compostable, or have been made with post-consumer recycled content.
  • Offer ancillary items including cutlery, napkins, and bags upon request.

For more information on Grab N' Go packaging contact Imperial Dade for a complimentary consultation.



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