Important Indoor Dining Updates

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

Today we commend Governor Cuomo for announcing that indoor dining may resume at 25% occupancy at New York City restaurants starting on Friday, February 12th, instead of Sunday, February 14th the originally scheduled date.

This will allow restaurants to generate much needed revenue from the Valentine’s Day weekend business, much of which they would have lost because the holiday falls on a Sunday this year. The advanced opening and better health metrics are welcome news to the city’s decimated restaurant industry and to lovers alike and what the NYC Hospitality Alliance advocated for.  

Indoor Dining Occupancy

Bravo today, to the 19 members of the City Council who sent a letter to Governor Cuomo requesting he reexamines indoor dining in New York City at 25% occupancy, and instead increases it to 50% occupancy like what’s permitted in the rest of New York State. You may read the full letter here. Here’s the NYC Hospitality Alliance’s statement included in the press release:
"New York City's restaurant industry has been decimated. Thousands of small businesses have shut, countless more are teetering on the edge of survival, and over 140,000 New Yorkers who worked in our city's restaurants pre-pandemic have lost their jobs. Opening indoor dining at 25% is a start, but we need to safely increase occupancy to 50% ASAP, especially when New York City has lower infection and hospitalization rates than nearly all counties in the rest of the state where indoor dining is open at 50% occupancy. We also need to extend operating hours past 10:00pm so restaurants and workers can generate money they desperately need, while enacting other important polices to help save our city's restaurants and jobs. We thank Councilmember Rodriguez and many other members of the City Council for their support of New York City's vital restaurant industry." 


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