Indoor Dining Update

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

Today NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the state will transition to a new system to determine whether or not to shutdown indoor dining, which will be influenced by hospitalization rates.

The governor said the hospitalization rates over the next five days will be closely monitored and if it does not stabilize then indoor dining will be shut again in NYC.  
In response to this news the NYC Hospitality Alliance issued the following statement: 
"New York City's highly regulated, reduced occupancy, well ventilated and COVID-19 compliant restaurants have gone above and beyond to protect the health and safety of their customers and employees. Indeed, Governor Cuomo said that 70% of recent cases come from "living room" spread, not restaurants, and the NYC Department of Health has zero data demonstrating that increased infection rates are a result of our highly restricted restaurants.
In fact, Manhattan, the home to the largest number of restaurants in the State, continues to have a more than 100% lower positivity rate (2.5%) than counties like Albany (5.1%) Westchester (6.0%), Suffolk (6.1%), and Nassau (4.9&%) - yet the proposal is to close the city's indoor dining while keeping those in these other counties open.
Another forced government closure of New York City restaurants will cause an irreversible harm on even countless more small businesses and the hundreds of thousands of workers they employ, especially if it is not coupled with financial relief."

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