More Important Updates to State Guidance

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

Earlier we reported that the NYC Hospitality Alliance worked with the State to update very important guidance now allowing customers to enter a restaurant or bar to use the restroom, and to transit through the interior of the premises to access the licensed outdoor area - both of which the original guidance prohibited.  
In our earlier alert, we outlined several provisions of the new guidance that still posed significant challenges for restaurants, customers and vendors, which we'd work to address. Now a few more very important changes we advocated for have been made and our issues have successfully been addressed:
  • Customers may now enter a restaurant to order and pick up food, subject to requirements, whereas in the original guidance they were not
  • Delivery workers for wholesalers and other businesses may now enter your premise too, but they must wear a face covering and cannot linger
  • Employees and/or owners may now consume meals and non-alcoholic beverages only as a shift meal, and only pursuant to DOH's Interim Guidance on Indoor Dining. 
We thank the State for making these sensible updates to their guidance. We urge eating and drinking establishments to click here and carefully review the detailed FAQ.

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