MTA Guidance for Hospitality Workers

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

The NYC Hospitality Alliance is working with the Metropolitan Transit Authority ("MTA") and would like to share the following information.

  • Here is the link for our regional employer registration. Businesses can sign up here to receive up to date information but the MTA also wants to hear directly from businesses about how we can best serve their employees and our riders needs.
  • Here is a link explains overnight service changes, how riders can plan their trips and other coronavirus resources.
  • Here links specific information on transit overnight service, information on express bus service, subway schedules and overnight enhanced bus maps.
  • Lastly, Here you will find all of the information on how to sign up for overnight essential connector service. The MTA invites riders to sign up for this service so they can determine how to best serve their overnight travel needs and evaluate if their commute makes them eligible for a one way for-hire ride overnight. 

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