New Restrictive Proposal on Private Collectio

By New York City Hospitality Alliance

May 31, 2017

Last year the NYC Hospitality Alliance secured a major victory when we defeated a proposal, that if enacted, would have placed restrictions on restaurants that purchase rare and hard to find wines from New York didn't carry a wine or did not have sufficient quantity to meet demand. This proposal would have significantly limited the ability of NYC restaurants to continue buying and serving many incredible wines from around the world. The Alliance commended the State Liquor Authority for working cooperatively with us to drop the proposal after we explained all the negative impacts it would have had.

Unfortunately, a similar proposal has now been introduced in the NYS Senate that would significantly limit a restaurant's ability to purchase wine from a "private collector." Additionally the proposal requires a "primary American source of supply." This means that a manufacturer of a popular wine, champagne or spirit would  be forced to choose a single distributor in the State of New York. By doing so, there is no competition for such a highly demanded product and retailers and restaurants would be required to buy from a single supplier and at any price they set - meaning consumers then have to pay higher prices.

The New York City Hospitality Alliance already issued an opposition memo to this proposal and will aggressively oppose it. This is yet another example of why we cannot rest after our advocacy successes and our organization must stay vigilant. If purchasing wine from private collectors or the cost of purchasing product is important to you, or someone you know in the industry, please let us know asap, so we can activate you in opposition if needed.

Click here to read our Opposition Memo.

We will bring you updates on this important matter as they become available. Don't hesitate to contact is with questions. 

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