New Wood/Coal Cook Stove Requirements

By New York City Hospitality Alliance

May 24, 2017

New York City recently enacted a new Air Code which may affect businesses in the hospitality industry.If you use a wood- or coal-fired cook stove, the following new rules may apply to your business.

You should consult with your exhaust systems specialist to see if the new rules will affect your business:

Wood or Coal -fired Ovens (Cook Stoves)

Under the new code, wood- or coal-fired cook stoves used at food service establishments need to be equipped with either a wet scrubber, electrostatic precipitator or air filtration device to control emissions for odors, smoke and particulates that meets the requirements of standards under newly established rules: 

  • On or after May 24th, 2017 newly installed cook stoves must comply and need to install emission control devices listed above. 
  • Existing cook stoves do not have to install emission control devices until January 1, 2020 when new regulations will be put in place.  The NYC Hospitality Alliance is a member of the city's working group that will provide industry feedback for the development of the new regulation.

You can consult with the rule requirements here and refer your design contractors to the New York City Department of Buildings to initiate the permitting requirements.

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