NY Issues Foreign Language Workplace Material

By Fox Rothschild, LLP

The New York State Department of Labor (DOL) posted foreign language resources online for employers and employees about the state’s new sexual harassment prevention laws and the necessary policy and training documents.

These materials, which were released in English earlier this month, have now been translated into Chinese, Haitian-Creole, Korean, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish.

The documents, released on October 17, 2018, can be located here. They include:

  • A sexual harassment prevention policy notice;

  • A model complaint form;

  • The minimum standards for employer sexual harassment prevention policies;

  • A model sexual harassment prevention policy;

  • Sexual harassment prevention training materials;

  • A sexual harassment prevention toolkit for employers and employees; and

  • A frequently asked questions (FAQ) section.

Employers are supposed to provide their anti-harassment policy and training materials in the employee’s primary language, provided that the DOL has posted the appropriate materials to its website in such language. If an employer has any employees whose primary language is not included in the DOL’s recently translated materials, the employer may provide that employee an English-language version of these materials and still be considered compliant with its obligations under the law.

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