Paid Vacation Update

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

The NYC Hospitality Alliance is working with the local small business community to make sure our elected officials understand the burdens their policies are inflicting on restaurants, nightlife, et al, across the city.

Regulatory burdens such as bureaucratic red tape, pesky fines, property taxes, and unfunded government mandates are placing extraordinary pressures on small businesses. These regulations are resulting in demoralized small business owners and vacant storefronts sitting where beloved businesses once stood proud.  
Below is a list of stories that have recently ran in major press outlets, many of which The Alliance, our members, and other business leaders are featured in! The NYC hospitality industry's voice must be heard! Help amplify these stories on social media using #SmallBizSOS.
On Presidential Campaign Trail, De Blasio Promises Paid Vacation Law 'This Year' But City Council Has No Timeline
De Blasio 2017 Campaign Fined for Employee Violations
Johnson skeptical of paid vacation bill touted by Mayor
Ballooning Property Taxes Cripple NYC Businesses As Rents Drop
'Plight' of small businesses felt across New York City
De Blasio's half-baked policies are killing small business
NYC small businesses are on the ropes: Rising wages and growing regulations are causing real harm to our neighborhoods
De Blasio's 'Workers' Bill of Rights' panned by small business owners and advocates
NYC: A regulation wonderland, a small business nightmare
NYC can be risky for small business owners, study says
Small businesses on the brink: Stores in neighborhoods across New York are in crying need of help (Written by legislators)
Mayor de Blasio's plan to mandate paid vacation will cripple NYC's small businesses
Not so easy to do business in NYC, report finds
Small businesses to de Blasio: We can't afford paid vacation
Small business owners blast De Blasio's paid vacation bill
Independent Bookstores Warn De Blasio's Paid Time Off Proposal Could Endanger Small Businesses
Enough already! Halt the costly mandates on New York's businesses
Small biz rally held/Gjonaj heads City Hall protest for 'mom and pop' shops
As De Blasio Promises Paid Personal Time, Small Business Owners Push Back
Crece la lista de agravios de los pequeños negocios de Nueva York
Pequeños empresarios protestan por plan de alcalde de dar dos semanas de vacaciones a empleados
Empty Storefronts: City government is more cause than cure

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