Political Foodie: Why You Need to Shop The Ma

By Andrew Rigie, NYC Hospitality Alliance

September 10, 2014

There is a group of leading product and service providers to the restaurant and nightlife industry that are major supporters of the NYC Hospitality Alliance.

We call these companies our Corporate Partners because they understand how important it is for our industry to work together so we have a unified voice in the halls of government, as well as a local organization that can provide our industry with important hospitality industry education, information and training.

You have been introduced to these Corporate Partners in The Marketplace.  The Marketplace is an e-newsletter and section on our website where Corporate Partners are listed with information about their companies along with offerings such as exclusive add ons, discounts and insights into products, services and industry trends.

Make sure to regularly check out The Marketplace’s offerings. If you see a company that you are currently doing business with please send them a big THANK YOU for supporting the NYC Hospitality Alliance.  If you are seeking to purchase any product or service for your business, we really encourage you to contact our Corporate Partners.  It’s important that our industry does business with companies that support our industry!

Happy Shopping!  Click here to check out The Marketplace

BTW…we suggest that you share this blog post with the people responsible for purchasing at your restaurant or nightlife establishment and ask them to check out The Marketplace and also join our mailing list by clicking here or emailing

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