PPP, 80/20 Rule, Outdoor Dining And More

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

The Alliance was grateful for an invitation to present testimony at a Joint Assembly and Senate Legislative hearing on the federal response to the pandemic's economic impact on small businesses & additional steps are needed to support small biz in NYS

In our testimony alongside statewide business groups, and during the question and answer session with our elected officials, we explained why the Paycheck Protection Program needs to allow for the loan forgiveness period to be extended until the end of the year to hire back employees, why more than 25% of the loan should be permitted to pay for rent, utilities and additional expenses, and we asked our state legislators to advocate for us.
We explained how getting the insurance industry to pay business interruption insurance claims, which they are denying would bring great relief to restaurants and nightlife venues. We outlined how important expanding outdoor dining will be to generate additional sales under reduced indoor occupancy and social distancing requirements.We also articulated how the need to fix the 80/20 Rule is more important than ever because when tipped food service workers return to work, they will have to spend additional time on their own PPE and restaurant safety and sanitation work that will likely trigger the two-hour / 20% provision of the rule, thus creating more liability for employers and limiting the hours and experience employees can get. 
During our comments, we shared additional policy ideas and concerns too, and we found the Senators and Assembly Members to be thoughtful in their questions and very interested in working hard with us to support the hospitality industry during this trying time. 
The NYC Hospitality Alliance will continue to advocate for our industry at all levels of government with a passionate, thoughtful, strategic and solution-oriented approach. We thank the state legislature for their invitation to testify at this important hearing, and as always, are grateful to our state government affairs team at Yoswein New York for their counsel.

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