Re: Danny Meyer Letter in Crain's NY

By Melba Wilson, Melba’s Restaurant Susannah Koteen, Lido Tren’ness Woods-Black, Sylvia’s Harlem Restaurant

June 27, 2018

Harlem restaurateurs respond to misleading letter published in Crain's NY Business regarding the tip credit.

To the editor:
The letter purportedly signed by restaurateur Danny Meyer and others on behalf of the controversial Restaurant Opportunities Center urging Gov. Andrew Cuomo to eliminate the tip credit is misleading. [Editor's note: The letter's organizers now say Meyer's name was included by mistake, and that he was not a signatory.] It does not represent our views or those of the other 17 female restaurateurs from Harlem who published an op-ed in Crains explaining how our small businesses and workers would be hurt if the tip credit were eliminated.

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