Recap: Tip Credit Hearing and Rally

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

June 28, 2018

Yesterday, we were proud to stand alongside a diverse coalition of 250 restaurateurs, tipped workers and advocates at our rally calling on Gov. Cuomo and the Department of Labor to save the tip credit!

When called upon to have your voices heard, NYC Hospitality Alliance members came out en masse and sent a clear, strong and respectful message that eliminating the tip credit will be disastrous for our city's restaurants and bars. We could not have been prouder of this grassroots effort and seeing you all engaged in the political process. Tipped restaurant and bar workers from all walks of life also made powerful arguments about why New York State must keep tip credit intact, in its current form. In addition to everyone who testified we submitted nearly 1000 "Save the Tip Credit" cards signed by operators and workers from all over the five boroughs.
During the hearing, The Alliance and our members made it clear that:
  1. Fair and equitable regulation is fine. Excessive and unrelenting regulation is not.
  2. Raising the tip wage will not reduce wage theft.
  3. If indeed sexual harassment is tied to tipping, this proposal does nothing to change that.
  4. Comparing NYC to California is purposefully misleading.
  5. The data already shows that the industry is hurting here in NYC
  6. Tipped employees here in NYC are doing quite well, thank you.
IMPORTANT: If you or someone you know has NOT submitted testimony to the Department of Labor explaining why eliminating the tip credit will be bad for your businesses you must do so NOW!
Written testimony must be submitted to before July 1, 2018.

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