Renew Your Sidewalk Café License on Time

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

May 18, 2016

It's come to our attention that an increasing number of restaurants are not renewing their Sidewalk Cafe licenses in a timely manner. The law requires that you file your renewal before the license expires if you want an uninterrupted cafe operation.

While you cannot operate the cafe once the license has expired if you have not renewed, DCA does allow late renewals to be filed within the 59 days after the expiration date. Once you renew, you can operate again.

If you do not renew your license within 59 days of its expiration date the Department of Consumer Affairs must treat your renewal as if it was a new application. As you know, this is not only a costly and time consuming process, but  as a new applicant, you cannot operate your cafe while the application is pending, a 3-4 month process. So don’t forget to file a timely renewal.  Click here for more information of renewing a Sidewalk Café license. 

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