Response to Grubhub Fee Announcement

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

The NYC Hospitality Alliance issued the following statement in response to Grubhub's announcement that they will eliminate fees on certain restaurants

"We want to thank Mayor de Blasio and his team for their efforts in helping our industry during this crisis.  Grubhub's announcement that they will eliminate fees on "qualified independent restaurants" is a positive step during this state of emergency, but their press release creates confusion during a very uncertain time. We need immediate details of how "qualified independent restaurants" are defined and an explanation of why others that are struggling during this crisis will still pay high fees. We hope that Grubhub will join our organization and Council member Gjonaj to permanently lower their fees so that restaurants can remain open and try to succeed as we emerge from this crisis.  Restaurants and delivery companies need to be true partners and the NYC Hospitality Alliance is willing to help facilitate that conversation if they are willing to come to the table."

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