Scaffolding Reform - We NEED Your Help!

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

February 21, 2017

The NYC Hospitality Alliance reported late last year that  Scaffolding Reform is on the Horizon. The fact is that when a building leaves scaffolding up unnecessarily it creates significant financial loss to the businesses located below it.

The scaffolding can also pose an existential threat to restaurants and bars.  Now we NEED you to act so the legislation introduced in the City Council, which will mitigate unnecessary and excessive burdens created by scaffolding, will get a public hearing, with the end goal of being signed into law.


You need to call your Council Member in each district that you operate a restaurant and/or nightlife establishment. If you are unable to speak with your Council Members directly make sure to leave a message. In your message tell them the same thing you'd say on a phone call and ask that your phone call be returned.

  • Provide your name, contact information and name of business(es)  you own/operate/affiliated with in their district.
  • Tell them that they must support bill # 1389, which provides small business owners relief from landlords who unnecessarily leave scaffolding up above businesses for months or years at a time.
  • Explain in your own experience how scaffolding results in a major reduction of business,  making it hard to pay your rent, cover your bills and pay your employees. 
  • Explain if you have had to reduce employee hours or eliminate jobs because of the financial impact scaffolding has had on your business.
  • If scaffolding is a major factor in why you have ever closed a business let your Council Member(s) know. Let them know how your business' closure has negatively impacted the neighborhood and how many New Yorkers lost their jobs when you closed.
  • If you haven't had scaffolding constructed above your businesses you should still call your Council Member and tell them to support bill # 1389 as you are aware of the negative consequences it has on businesses when left up for long periods of time. And you don't want to be a victim in the future.


Please note: call the Council Members "District Office."

After you contact your Council Member email with a list of your businesses and the Council Members you contacted asking them to support scaffolding reform.


  • 90 days for building owners to fix a dangerous condition.
  • 90 additional days for building owners to fix the dangerous condition upon extension.
  • After 180 days, the city would do the work to correct the dangerous condition and bill the owner for all costs.
  • Work could not be interrupted for more than 7 days without a mandate to take down the sidewalk shed or face heavy penalties.
  • Under the same legislation, new construction would need to continue without more than 7 days of interruption until the new development is safely capped off or completed. Exemptions in the legislation provide for weather, stop work orders, time awaiting permit renewals or in cases of safety risks.

Click here for legislative text of bill #1389.

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