SLA's 200 Foot Law & Sunday Hours of Sale

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

April 13, 2016

Today the NYS Liquor Authority Chairman and Agriculture and Markets Commissioner released the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law Working Group's report and discussed the recommendations being proposed to Governor Cuomo to revise the law.

The NYC Hospitality Alliance's counsel Rob Bookman was  appointed to this working group. We are proud that two important reforms The Alliance has been advocating for are included in the report's recommendations. 

The recommendations are:

Two Hundred Foot Law: This post prohibition era law prohibits an on-premise liquor license to be issued within two hundred feet of a school or place of worship, even if those entities consent to the restaurant being issued the license. This prohibition has stopped high quality restaurants from opening in many neighborhoods that would otherwise employ New Yorkers and benefit our neighborhoods and industry.

  • Recommendation: The Working Group finds that the SLA should have discretion to approve applications that would otherwise be denied based on the Two Hundred Foot Law.

Sunday hours of sale: This post prohibition era law prohibits an on-premise liquor license from serving alcohol before noon on Sundays. Therefore restaurants can't serve customers a Bloody Mary with their Sunday brunch when they order one. And bars can't serve beer during early day sporting events. 

  • Recommendation: The Working Group proposes two options: changing the end of prohibited hours from noon to 8 am for all on-premise licenses; or creating a permit system that would allow on-premise licenses to serve earlier on Sundays 

Click here to read the full report of recommendations. More details on the Two Hundred Foot Law proposal can be found on page 16 and the Sunday Hours of Sale proposal on page 18.

The Alliance will keep you up-to-date on these proposals.


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