Snow Guidelines for Open Restaurant

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

Please see snow guidance from the NYC Department of Sanitation below for those participating in the Open Restaurants program

NYC Restaurant Owners-What's your Plan?

We're planning for snow. Are you?

By preparing for snow we can keep Open Restaurants going strong all winter long. The NYC Dept. of Sanitation (DSNY) has been training to remove snow on streets with Open Restaurant structures.

Protect your patrons, staff and property:

  • Use snow sticks to increase visibility of your Open Restaurant.
  • Be prepared to consolidate and remove items when a Winter Operations Advisory or Snow Alert is issued.

Watch for two levels of advisories:

Winter Operations Advisory-
  • Winter weather is possible.
  • Roadway dining may continue, but take steps to protect your patrons, staff and property.
  • DSNY may spread salt and/or brine to prevent freezing.
Snow Alert-
  • One or more inches of snow are possible.
  • Roadway dining MUST CLOSE by the time indicated in the Alert.
  • Remove or secure furniture, and remove electric heaters. Remove the tops of your structures if possible.*
  • Remove snow and ice from your sidewalk. If you're on a corner, clear a path to crosswalk.
  • Do not to block fire hydrants.
  • It is illegal to push snow into the street. Snow may be placed at the curbline, against the building, or on private property.
  • DSNY may begin spreading salt and/or brine on the roadway up to 48 hours before an Alert begins.
*If the forecast calls for 12" of snow or more, remove or consolidate your structures, including barriers, to take up as little space as possible. This makes plowing easier and protects your property.
The City will announce when the snow alert is over and in-street dining may safely resume.

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