Statement: New Restrictions on Liquor License

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

Today Governor Cuomo announced new restrictions on liquor licensed establishments in response to increasing COVID-19 infection rates, which will require such businesses to close at 10:00pm starting this Friday.

In response, the NYC Hospitality Alliance released the following statement:
"At the time of the announcement, restaurants have not been provided important details by the State or City about the new restrictions on their businesses. They don't know if the restrictions apply to indoor and outdoor dining, and if customers need to leave the restaurant by 10:00pm or if they can finish their meals, which is creating more confusion, so we hope that information is released immediately. These new restrictions should be publicly justified with contact tracing data because they will make it even more difficult for these small businesses to survive. We demand that our elected leaders provide financial support to our city's restaurants and bars before they permanently shutter and put tens of thousands of New Yorkers out of work."
We will share the official details about the new restrictions once they are released.

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