Support Plastic Straw Ban: Update

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

June 5, 2018

At the same public hearing scheduled to hear the Administrative Fee legislation, the City Council will accept comments on a proposed law banning plastic straws and stirrers because of their detrimental impact on our environment, oceans and marine life.

As an alternative, restaurants, and bars would need to offer customers compostable plant-based or paper straws, or not provide straws.

The NYC Hospitality Alliance supports the plastic straw ban after nearly 85% of restaurateurs who responded to our survey voiced support for the proposed law. Of the remaining respondents, a small percentage had no opinion. Others supported the concept but opposed the ban at this time because they aren’t familiar with suitable compostable options. Less than 10% of respondents outright oppose the ban, mostly citing the increased costs of compostable straws as the reason.

We are sensitive to these concerns and believe there is a growing market of compostable straw options that will continue to improve in quality, and that market forces will push the price down further if the buying power of New York City restaurants and bars is unleashed. Should this plastic straw ban advance, we’re committed to working with manufacturers and distributors to ensure our members have access to high-quality compostable straw options at the lowest prices.

We’re proud our members support sensible efforts that will help sustain our environment.

You may submit written testimony or register to testify in-person at the plastic straw ban’s public hearing by emailing In your email, include the proposal: Int 0936-2018 and Thursday, 6/21/2018 at 1:00 PM (the hearing).  Your testimony should include the proposal # Int 0936-2018, your name and company, contact information, and why you support or oppose the plastic straw ban. You may also suggest modifications to the proposal.  Click here to read the proposed legislation.

Verbal testimony should be limited to 3 minutes. Written testimony may be longer. Bring 10 printed copies of your testimony to the hearing. Let us know if you register to testify, or if you have any questions at

The public hearing for this legislation has been scheduled for Thursday, June 21 at 1:00 PM and will be held at 250 Broadway - Committee Rm, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10007.  I.D. is required to enter this government building.

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