Surcharge: Mayor de Blasio Ramping Up Attack

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

The NYC hospitality industry is under attack. For years, The Alliance has worked with Mayor de Blasio's Administration and City Council to pass a law allowing restaurants to add a clearly disclosed surcharge to their menu.

On the eve of the law's passage, the de Blasio administration and its allies are ramping up attacks and spreading misinformation.

In an attempt to kill the bill, their main point of contention is that restaurant owners will use the surcharge as a means to protest progressive policies like the $15 minimum wage, paid sick leave, health insurance, etc.  

They’re missing the point.  Surcharges give restaurants a tool common in other industries and in restaurants outside of New York City to help supplement skyrocketing operating costs and also to bring greater equity to the workplace.  But if protesting progressive policies is what Mayor de Blasio is worried about, wait and see what happens if the bill is killed, because that is exactly what will happen!  A huge number of restaurants will have no choice but to place statements on their menus explaining exactly why menu prices are going up...and why! 

We'll keep you informed. 

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