Take Action: Oppose City Legislation that

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

Oppose City Legislation that will skyrocket your cost of doing business during Covid-19

Legislation has been introduced in the NYC Council that will be detrimental to already struggling businesses in the city. 

While the legislation is well-intended, as written, these bills will hinder the existence of eating and drinking establishments and their employees. We NEED you to immediately use our fast and easy system to send a pre-written email (edit for greater impact) to your City Council Members urging them not to support these bills. IMPORTANT: send a separate email from EACH restaurant and nightlife establishment you operate in NYC. 

Legislative Highlights:

  • Int. 1923 This bill would prohibit employers from discharging an essential employee without just cause.

  • Int. 1918 This bill would require large employers to pay premiums to certain essential non-salaried workers: Employers with more than 100 employees would pay hourly workers $30 for a shift under four hours, $60 for a shift of four to eight hours and $75 dollars for any shift over eight hours. The obligation would end when the state of emergency is lifted.


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