Testifying at City Hall

By The NYC Hospitality Alliance

The NYC Hospitality Alliance often tells you about our efforts fighting against anti-restaurant and nightlife legislation. However, today, we were again in the halls of government fighting in favor of proposed legislation we've advocated for.

The Alliance's Andrew Rigie and Rob Bookman testified at a City Council hearing in favor of the bills, that if passed into law would do the following:
  • Create a regulatory review panel to review provisions of the laws and rules and recommend cure periods for violations of certain provisions. Several years back, The Alliance's advocacy resulted in reforms that provide warnings for first time sign violations, which led to fines being rescued annually by tens of millions of dollars in small businesses.
  • Establish an affordable retail space requirement at city financially assisted development projects. This means that just as developers are required to provide a dedicated amount of affordable housing units in developments where they receive taxpayer subsidies, they'd also have to provide affordable commercial space, helping small businesses survive in our high-cost city.
  • The city of New York would provide legal services to small business owners facing eviction proceedings, a similar program has apparently worked successfully for residential tenants.  
  • Several bills require the city of New York to track vacant storefronts, keep a database of commercial spaces and take other measures so they can be more data-driven when accessing the vacant storefronts around NYC. 
  • Other bills provide additional rights to commercial tenants, offer services to business owners, and compile a list of all laws and rules that apply to small businesses.
The NYC Hospitality Alliance will keep you informed as these proposals advance through the legislative process. 

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