The NYC Hospitality Alliance Year in Review 2

By The NYC Hospitality Alliance

December 27, 2017

In 2017 the New York City Hospitality Alliance monitored hundreds of proposed laws impacting the city's hospitality industry.

2,500+ leaders of the hospitality industry attended the New York City Hospitality Alliance's conferences, trainings, and events. 
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The New York City Hospitality Alliance appeared in the media 100+ times. Our industry's voice was heard!
"The restaurant industry is evolving, and there's a strong argument to be made that there are more high-quality restaurants around the country now than ever before. Ironically, it's occurring during a time when achieving financial success in the restaurant industry is more challenging than ever." 
"This industry is vital to our city and these business owners need and deserve to have a strong voice representing them in the halls of government."
"It's very difficult for businesses to get solid information about when they can expect their gas to be turned on." 
"At nearly every restaurant there is some sort of giving. Philanthropy is in the ethos of the hospitality industry."
"Our city's small businesses keep people employed, our tax base strong, our blocks charming, our streets safer, our cultural institutions rich and our tourism booming. They forge the foundation for strong and vibrant communities that attract investors and innovative companies. These companies, in turn, will create the type of jobs our mayor seeks."
The New York City Hospitality Alliance saved our members ten$ of thousand$ of dollar$ in insurance premiums, energy costs, and many other expenses benefiting their bottom line. We also answered thousands of member questions saving them time and money.
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We thank the members of the New York City Hospitality Alliance for their generous support and participation. 2018 is already shaking out to be a busy year, so it will remain as critical as ever to be involved! To learn how to further support and participate contact us at: or 212-582-2506. 

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