The Tip Out: How A Restaurant Website Can Inc

By Brian Cotlove, BentoBox

July 11, 2016

Successful restaurants know that great experiences drive revenue and, more importantly, this experience begins online. The one place a restaurant operator can fully control the hospitality experience is on their website.

Two important facts to consider about restaurant websites in 2016:

  1. Four times as many people will visit your website than will ever step foot in your restaurant.
  2. The average visitor spends less than 20 seconds on your website. And it’s even less if they are on mobile. 

This presents restaurant operators with a big challenge, but an even bigger opportunity to extend the hospitality experience online and ultimately increase revenue.


Ensure your website is mobile-optimized

Over 50% of your website visitors are on smartphones — and that number is only increasing. If visitors can’t quickly and easily find your menus, location, specials, reservations, or contact info, they are going to be frustrated at the least or go to another restaurant at worst.

In addition, Google is now de-prioritizing websites that aren’t mobile-friendly meaning your restaurant won’t show up as high in search rankings. Read more about “Mobile-geddon” Click here

To find out if your site is mobile-friendly, visit Google’s Mobile Test page by clicking here


Making a reservation should be less than one click away

Remember, visitors are on your site for only 20 seconds or less. If they can’t find the reservation button right away, they’re already gone

And if you are one of the 35,000 restaurants using OpenTable, you know that for every reservation booked through your website, you pay just $0.25 vs $1.00 if they book elsewhere. Ensuring that your visitors can easily reserve on your website can lead to hundreds of dollars in savings on OpenTable fees alone.


Selling gift cards on your website is no longer optional

Many BentoBox customers saw over $10,000 in online gift card sales during the holidays. Being able to purchase a gift card quickly and simply from your website will lead to more revenue, increased cash flow, and less time wasted by staff with paper credit card forms and emails back and forth.

At BentoBox, we’re helping restaurants create a best-in-class hospitality experience online. Our beautiful, mobile-optimized websites are built to convert more visitors into paying customers.

BentoBox is offering NYC Hospitality Alliance members:

Free Website Consultation

Speak with one of our specialists to determine if your website can be doing more to drive additional reservations, private group bookings, and gift card sales as well as reducing OpenTable fees.

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