Tip Credit Press Conference

By The NYC Hospitality Alliance

Today, the NYC Hospitality Alliance's new President Melba Wilson and Executive Director Andrew Rigie spoke at a press conference with representatives from the Justice Will Be Served! Campaign, restaurant owners, and dozens of restaurant workers,

all calling on Governor Cuomo not to eliminate the tip credit.
The message was clear: Do not eliminate the tip credit and threaten workers' incomes, and the viability of local restaurants.  Workers who spoke at today's press conference said eliminating the tip credit would reduce or eliminate tips, resulting in a decrease in their earnings. Business owners say their margins are too thin to afford losing the tip credit, and their customers are too price sensitive to significantly raise menus price to cover the cost.
Because Governor Cuomo has not yet made a determination as to the future of the tip credit, after hosting hearings to examine it last year, the NYC Hospitality Alliance will continue to make sure our industry's voice is heard - keep the tip credit!

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