Tip Credit & The Alliance in the News

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

The NYC Hospitality Alliance is making sure our elected officials and the public know the facts about the tip credit and hear the voices of our members.

In a Crain's New York article, "Opponents of tipped wage bash online delivery platforms" forces fighting to eliminate the restaurant tip credit conflate issues. They imply and claim that eliminating the tip credit will somehow prevent food delivery technology companies from classifying and paying their workers as independent contractors. The NYC Hospitality Alliance sets the record straight in this Letter to the Editor, "Clearing up confusion about the tip credit."

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Our executive director Andrew Rigie also appeared in the story, "Restaurant jobs on the decline" along with comments from the owners of several member restaurants who have been impacted by mandated wage increases, including the recently shuttered Coffee Shop in Union Square, Oxbow Tavern on the Upper West Side that eliminated jobs, and Harlem's Lido which has reduced employee hours.

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Rigie and Greg Hunt from Oxbow Tavern also appeared in a Fox 5 story about labor costs that's getting a lot of attention.

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In the past few days the NYC Hospitality Alliance also appeared in additional articles advocating on behalf of the city's restaurant and nightlife industry, including A new minimum wage battle in Eater NY, and the NY Post, The new minimum wage is killing NYC's once-thriving restaurant scene. While some articles focus on the minimum wage, our focus is preserving the tip credit and explaining how labor costs are impacting our industry. 

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