Update & Recap on COVID-19

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

Like so many, the NYC Hospitality Alliance is working around-the-clock and there are many concerns and much uncertainty. We're doing everything in our power to lead and support our industry while in crisis.

There are many immediate and existential concerns such as: Should I keep my businesses open? How am I going to pay my rent, and will I be evicted? Will all restaurants and bars be required to shut down? How are my employees going to live without a paycheck? And, many more...

With deep regret we cannot answer these case sensitive questions. The answers we can provide at this time are found below in this email. We can tell you with certainty this is a fluid situation that's changing rapidly. Due to the emergency's unprecedented nature, the answers and possible solutions to many of these tremendous societal questions are not always clear and cannot yet be determined because we do not know the length, extent and total impact of COVID-19. It is incumbent on all of us to do our best to keep people safe. We must be responsible, thoughtful and be prepared to adjust our behavior as the facts dictate.

Please be confident, the NYC Hospitality Alliance will help navigate our industry through the immediate crisis and inform and support the complex recovery ahead. We have struggled and forged ahead through tragedies before, and we will do so once again.

Check your email regularly, follow us on Twitter (@theNYCalliance and @AndrewRigie), Facebook and at We are in frequent contact with government representatives and as we receive critical information, we will disseminate it via email and social media. We are inundated with inquiries and will respond as soon as possible but we recommend staying informed via the above channels. We encourage you to send your ideas, thoughts and general comments to While we may not have the capacity to respond to all such messages, we promise we will read them to help inform our actions and strategies. We value your ideas. 

Andrew Rigie, Executive Director

NYC Hospitality Alliance

50% Occupancy Reduction, Social Distancing & Closures

As of Friday, March 13th at 5:00PM, businesses in the City of New York are REQUIRED to reduce their maximum occupancy by 50% and events of 500+ in-person attendance must be cancelled. (more...) It is highly recommended that you adhere to social distancing recommendations by keeping tables spaced much farther apart than normal, and by asking guests standing at bars and other spaces to keep a distance from each other. To take extra safety precautions, many restaurants and nightlife establishments have already closed, and we anticipate many more will. There is no indication yet that all hospitality businesses will be required to close, but we are monitoring the cities and countries around the globe that have mandated required shutdowns. 

COVID-Workplace Considerations

The outbreak of (COVID-19) presents many workplace considerations for New York City employers. This memo we issued provides guidance to many frequently asked questions. (more...)

Federal and New York Worker Adjustment and Retraining Acts (NY WARN)

Employers face the difficult decisions of whether to lay off employees or temporarily close establishments, which raises significant issues under the law. (more...)

Unemployment Insurance Benefits

New York State waived the 7-Day waiting period for Unemployment Insurance benefits for people out of work due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) closures or quarantine. (more...)

NYC Department of Small Business Services:

The City of New York's small business agency is offering services and information to businesses. Their website will be updated and with important information and resources as it becomes available. (more...)
12-point Mitigation and Support Plan for NYC Restaurants and Nightlife Establishments in response to COVID-19
On March 12th,we released a 12-point plan to help businesses through this challenging time. Due to the rapidly evolving nature of this emergency, details and commentary in this document may have and will change. (more...)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Website
The CDC's website provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) information. (more...)

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