What To Expect When You're Inspected

By NYC Hospitality Alliance

The NYC Open Restaurants Program is designed to expand outdoor seating options for food establishments to promote open space, enhance social distancing, and help them rebound in these difficult economic times.

As of the third week of July 2020, almost nine thousand New York City restaurants are participating in the Open Restaurants Program. We know that all the new and changing laws, regulations and programs can make it very tough to operate a business during these trying times, so we're happy the City of New York developed this What To Expect When You're Inspected Checklist, which includes information about the most common items of non-compliance found by inspectors and more. 
Additionally, there has considerable attention paid to a small number of State Liquor Authority licensed businesses alleged to be violating COVID-19 and Executive Order rules, (close to 92% of businesses inspected were found to be in compliance) everyone needs to work together to get that to 100% compliance. There are serious consequences for those found to be in substantial non-compliance.
Here are the main NYC violations we have been seeing in SLA violations:
  • Indoor consumption of food or drink.
  • Consumption by a patron who is not seated at outdoor approved seating areas.
  • Tables must be 6 feet apart, parties cannot exceed 10 people.
  • Patrons standing around the business premises.
  • Employees not wearing a mask.
  • Sale of alcohol to go without the purchase of a substantial food item.
  • Sale of alcohol to go in open containers (a cup with no lid, a cup with a straw in it).
The NYC Hospitality Alliance is here to support our City's restaurants and bars and we hope this information helps you create a safe and complaint environment for customers and workers, and we urge you to reference these documents as we continue to advocate for polices that not only support our industry but that don't unfairly penalize them.

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