Martin Whelan


Martin Whelan, a native New Yorker, is the founder and President of Stout NYC Group.  Inspired by his father and mother, owners of Maggie’s Place in Midtown, Martin was born into the world of hospitality. At 25 he opened his first business, a deli in Queens, soon followed by a pizzeria in the same neighborhood. In 1992, he succeeded his parents as the owner of Maggie's Place. In 1995, Martin and two friends opened Trinity in Floral Park, Long Island. Shortly after, he and his brother Mark opened St. Andrew’s in the Theater District.  In 2014, Martin and his partners opened the Flagship Stout NYC located across the street from Madison Square Garden.


Stout NYC Group now operates over a dozen establishments including the soon to be, Stout Bryant Park, opening in Spring of 2020.  All of Stout NYC Group establishments are owner operated. Other establishments include The Half Pint, Amity Hall, Amity Hall Uptown, Feile, The Longroom, One Mile House, Stout FiDi, Stout Grand Central, The Independent, and most recently, Rivercrest, which opened in Astoria in October 2019. 

Using his voice and influence, Martin and his partners support a large variety of local charities including, among others, The New York Foundling Hospital, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Hope Lodge and St. Baldricks Foundation. By creating a community of awareness that trickles down from staff to guests, Stout NYC Group is known across NYC for their generous philanthropic contributions. 


Martin serves on the Board of the 34th St. Partnership. Previously, Martin served on the board of the United Restaurant and Tavern Owners and was instrumental in merging that storied organization with the NYC Hospitality Alliance.

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